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Streamline the fund operations lifecycle with Vestlane. Our built-in legal expertise ensures compliance from the beginning. Top integrations complete the perfect workflow.

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Accelerate fund growth. Guarantee compliance with automated KYC & AML checks.

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Smooth Start

Start your investment journey with us with a personal kick-off session, expert fund setup, and dedicated support.

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Simplified LP Onboarding

Boost investor engagement with our easy onboarding process, simplifying subscription workflows with integrated KYC/AML solutions.

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Optimized Fund Closing

Streamline the fund closing through efficient investor onboarding, improved operations and continuous compliance.

Flexible Fund Structures

Easily adapt to every fundraising scenario in the venture capital sector. Vestlane is tailored to meet the demands of various fundraising events in the VC landscape.


Investor Onboarding

Streamline the entire investor onboarding process by adapting to individual needs and maintaining transparent communication throughout.


Efficient Processes

Reduce onboarding costs by 50%. Enhance operational efficiency with our automated workflows and continuous compliance.


Transparent Communication

Enable direct communication among all parties. Minimize friction and foster a more cohesive, transparent, and productive working environment that benefits everyone.


Single Source of Truth

Maintain detailed records in a central repository accessible to all stakeholders. Foster an open environment to enhance transparency and accountability.



Safeguarding your fund operations

Securely manage fund operations with Vestlane's registration and document submission processes. Our infrastructure is aligned with data protection laws and is ISO 27001, GDPR, SOC certified.

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Robust Encryption

Data and documents always encrypted in transit and at rest.

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Frequent Backups

Documents are backed up daily, data even hourly.

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Data Replication

Backups are replicated in multiple German data centers.

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