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Tactical Asset Management

Onboard clients efficiently—from HNWIs to insurance companies, pension funds, and government institutions. Move capital forward without additional compliance challenges.

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Exceed Client Expectations as an Asset Manager

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Be Audit-Ready

Vestlane’s compliance is comprehensive yet simple. We equip you with 360° KYC & AML checks, tailored to any jurisdiction.

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Set Low Barriers

Provide your clients with an advanced, user-friendly onboarding experience that is easy to navigate.

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Operate Globally

Operate across 100 jurisdictions. Vestlane is trusted by family offices, asset managers, and funds worldwide.

Full Outsourcing Capabilities

Empower your asset management firm with full outsourcing capabilities. Easy invest on behalf of clients or directly into other funds, while keeping all investor data available.

Reuse Client Data

Use Vestlane to recycle and reuse investor data. Save time and ensure swift access to better investment opportunities for your clients, with all KYC & AML checks already in place.

Two-Way Investment Flow

Facilitate a bidirectional investment flow, enabling you to invest and collect capital in a compliant manner. Position your asset management firm as a central player in the private market ecosystem.

Compliance and Efficiency

Maintain efficient, compliant operations with a robust data management system. As an asset manager, handle capital calls, document sharing, and regulatory requirements.

Absolute Security for Your Fund Operations

Securely manage fund operations with Vestlane's registration and document submission processes. Our infrastructure is aligned with data protection laws and is ISO 27001, GDPR, SOC certified.

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SOC2 Certification

We're currently completing our SOC2 certification.

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Robust Encryption

Data and documents always encrypted in transit and at rest.

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Frequent Backups

Documents are backed up daily, data even hourly.

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Data Replication

Backups are replicated in multiple German data centers.

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