Smarter Fund Operations

Master due diligence tasks by seamlessly integrating ongoing compliance and risk assessment tools into your workflow. Ensure unmatched oversight and efficiency in fund operations.

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Fund Operations and Data Management Unified

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Own Due Diligence

Tick off your due diligence tasks in no time by incorporating compliance and risk assessment tools in fund operations.

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Simplify Payment Tracking

Track payments, automate capital call reminders, and implement auto-matching for consistent and secure financial management.

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Encourage Collaboration

Give investors access to collaboration with secure data management. Simplify report distribution and voting for your shareholders.

Capital Calls
with Precise Tracking

Make managing capital calls efficient with bulk uploads for quick distribution to your investors. Precise investor data allows effective tracking and targeting the right person.

Monitor your Fund Bank Account

Connect your fund's bank account to track investor payments using our open banking API. Monitor your account and set up reminders for capital calls to ensure timely contributions. Automatically match bank details with payment information.

Up-To-Date Entity Information

Benefit from multiple data streams including company data from sources like Northdata. Our GDPR-compliant sharing ensures up-to-date master data across all funds. Access the latest information on all stakeholders.

Comprehensive Overview on AML

Get a complete 360° view of all stakeholders for solid KYC, KYB, and KYA compliance. Vestlane provides ongoing monitoring and review for easy due diligence. Get regular risk assessment updates.


Screening and Monitoring for Contracting Parties

Manage cap tables, investment deals, and historical data with ease. Filter investor activity by amount, legal type, and country. Get real-time updates on changes from transfers, secondaries, or inheritance.

Publish Reports and Documents

Distribute documents to all stakeholders. Provide investors with secure data management for enhanced collaboration. Publish ESG, financial, and regular reports. Enable digital voting for shareholders and LPs.


Safeguarding your fund operations

Securely manage fund operations with Vestlane's registration and document submission processes. Our infrastructure is aligned with data protection laws and is ISO 27001, GDPR, SOC certified.

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Robust Encryption

Data and documents always encrypted in transit and at rest.

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Frequent Backups

Documents are backed up daily, data even hourly.

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Data Replication

Backups are replicated in multiple German data centers.

"We all recognize the importance of a single source of truth. Vestlane serves as that crucial resource, providing all teams with consistent and reliable information they need."

Thilo Wurst

Thilo Wurst

Legal Counsel

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