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How Cavalry Ventures improved investor onboarding with Vestlane

Leonie Klimpke

Director of Finance and Compliance

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Cavalry Ventures is a Berlin-based pre-seed and seed venture capital investor founded in 2016.


Aleph Alpha, Flip, Forto, PlanRadar, Spread, and Usercentrics.


Cavalry backs European enterprise and consumer software startups that contribute to a better future.

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Investor Onboarding

Meet Cavalry VC

Cavalry Ventures, a Berlin-based early-stage venture capital firm, specializes in investing in software businesses across Europe. Since 2016, they have backed over 50 companies, including high-profile firms like Aleph Alpha and Usercentrics, aiming to create ecosystems that foster sustainable business growth.

The strategic integration of Vestlane, a leading digital solution for fund management, marked a significant evolution in Cavalry's operations.

Initially, Cavalry's investor onboarding involved cumbersome, error-prone manual processes using PDF documents and Google Sheets. This approach was problematic given their investor base—digital natives who expected streamlined, technologically advanced interactions. Recognizing the need for a more efficient method, especially as they prepared to launch their third fund, Cavalry sought a digital transformation.

Vestlane offered a comprehensive digital solution for Cavalry’s investor onboarding by automating data entry and integrating subscription management, investor identification, and document signing into a single, seamless process.

The platform's widespread recognition in Germany also allowed investors to reuse their data in various onboarding experiences, significantly enhancing user convenience and operational efficiency.

Leonie Klimpke, Cavalry's Director of Finance and Compliance, emphasised the operational improvements brought by Vestlane.

The platform provided real-time visibility into the onboarding status of investors, significantly reducing the need for internal communications about investor statuses. This efficiency allowed Cavalry to handle large volumes of data more effectively and streamlined communications with their fund administration team.

Cavalry’s partnership with Vestlane demonstrates how adopting specialized digital tools can dramatically improve operational efficiency and investor relations in venture capital management.

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