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How AENU simplified its daily operations with Vestlane

Vanessa Brahmi

Managing Director of Finance and Legal

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AENU drives systemic transformation in venture capital towards impact, accessibility and stakeholder-alignment. It is an impact technology fund aligned with Article 9 SFDR.


MONTA, trawa, Heirloom, Agreena, OCELL, Patch, minimum and more.


Climate tech, preferred energy transition and carbon economy in Europe with a focus on DACH, UK and Nordics.

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Vanessa Brahmi, Managing Director of Finance and Legal at AENU, shares how their Luxembourg-based fund leveraged Vestlane's technology to streamline operations and improve investor relations.

AENU is an impact venture capital firm specializing in early-stage climate tech investments in Northern Europe. AENU's mission is to combine financial success with positive environmental impact.

The team, headquartered in Berlin, faced the challenge of managing complex, individualized onboarding processes for their investors.

Originally considering an evergreen fund structure, AENU transitioned to a closed-ended fund to better navigate current market conditions. Vanessa explained, “The evergreen structure was a great project, but we decided to adapt to the current venture capital landscape.”

Vestlane provided tools that simplified AENU’s daily operations, from managing investor communications to ensuring compliance with regulations. Vanessa first experienced Vestlane's efficiency during her time at a family office, leading AENU to adopt Vestlane for their new fund.

"A few clicks and it was done. I was amazed by Vestlane's subscription process. It transformed the old, paper-based, ink-signed methods into a seamless digital experience. This positive experience made it a no-brainer for us to choose Vestlane for our new fund."

AENU’s journey demonstrates the potential of combining strategic vision with digital solutions, providing a blueprint for other firms looking to enhance their operations and investor relations while making a positive impact.

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